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Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic is a central body of state administration.

Furthermore it is the authority in charge of the internal administration including the territorial and administrative structuring of the Slovak Republic, for state symbols, the heraldic registry, citizenship, archives and registries, birth, marriage and death registries, the organisational assurance of elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the organisational assurance of presidential elections, the organisational assurance of elections to self–government elections (local elections), the organisational assurance of referendums, war graves and small entrepreneurship


The Slovak Foreign Policy Association is a foreign policy think-tank based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Since 1993 our mission has been to conduct high-quality, independent research and, on the basis of that research, to provide innovative practical recommendations for policy- and decision-makers. In addition, we seek to provide an independent arena in which critical issues can be examined and debated. We produce periodical and non-periodical publications covering various areas of foreign policy and international relations. We also organize international expert seminars and conferences and help foster expert discussion on international relations and Slovak foreign policy. We aim to create a favorable international relations environment in which the new generation of Slovak experts can develop, and to stimulate the interest of the wider Slovak public in global events so they can gain a deeper understanding of the importance of foreign policy and its links to domestic policy.


The Slovak Police Force officially Police Force of the Slovak Republic is the national police force of Slovakia.

The Force is part of and extremely active in both Europol and Interpol. Along with serving in Slovakia, the Force along with the Customs Administration of the Slovak Republic has been active in neighbouring European countries


åpenhetis a norwegian GovTech company based in Oslo and Paris. we specialize in good governance & data driven policy making.

We provide services to public administrations and organisations across europe. our primary goal is to foster international cooperation through knowledge and data sharing.


The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is charged with the tasks of ensuring inviolability of state borders and protection of sovereign rights of Ukraine within its exclusive (maritime) economic zone.

The Service was created on July 31, 2003 after the reorganization of the State Committee in Affairs for Protection the State Border. During wartime, units of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine fall under the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine




Uzhhorod National University is one of the traditional universities of Ukraine accredited by the IV (highest) level of accreditation.

The University has 20 faculties (biological, geographical, engineering, history and international relations, mathematical, medical, medical №2, dental, economic, health and physical education, information technology, postgraduate education and pre-University training, social sciences , foreign philology, tourism and international communications, physical, philological, international economic relations, chemical, legal), 2 educational and scientific institutes, 115 departments, territorially separated structural subdivision ‘Branch of SHEI’ UzhNU ‘in Lviv, natural sciences and humanities college.


Regional Risks Analytics Center

main goal of the Regional Risks Analytics Center is to identify latent and existing risks and threats to regional stability in the Carpathian region, to promote good neighborly partnerships with neighboring countries of the first order.

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